20th 鳳来湖ミュージックキャンプ(2018年)

日 時:2018年5月26日(土) 14~22:00


場 所:鳳来湖キャンプ場





*Please bring water as much as you need. Actually, the facility to send water to the campsite was totally broken due to the heavy rain the other day.
Drinking water, cooking water, hand washing water etc, please bring water. Toilets at the campsite are not flush toilets. They are old style. So you don't need to use water when using a toilet.





We will have Hourai-Lake Music Festival on Saturday May 26th!

Performer’s sign-up starts at noon.

Show 2PM-10PM, 20 min each includes setting.

No admission and camping fee. Donations welcome. See you there!

*If it rains, the event will be canceled.